How to Use This Site

I'm developing this site with WordPress blog software for several reasons:

  1. The software is free, and easy to install, customize, and use.
  2. It provides me with several ways to organize and search for information.
  3. Information is presented quickly, since most pages are generated "on-the-fly".
  4. It allows for easy feedback from people using the site.

It seems to me, that the best use of this site can be had by concentrating on the right-side column of boxes. There are several ways to get at any particular bit of information, you can search for it in the Search box, you can guess what category the information might be in and click the link in the Category box, or you can use one of the Site Links, which will take you to a page where lots of information is listed in alphabetical order. Or, you can search the archives to see what was added during a month, or click on any bold number in the calendar to bring up all posts made on a particular day. I don't consider the last two search options to be very useful, but I'm providing them none-the-less.

Once you click on a link in a box on the right, or click the "search" button, the information will be retrieved from the database, and appear in the larger box to the left. That's the one you are reading now.